How to Invest

How to Invest - Talking about Money on Wall Street
By Chinghua Tang

本书初版于1994年,是国内最早的一本关于投资管理的书。 本书曾由中国北京电视台摄制成八集电视专题系列片《华尔街上谈金融》在全国 播映,并获美国安泰人寿保险公司、威士信用卡国际组织、纳斯达克证券市场与芝加哥商业交易所赞助,以及美国财政部、美国证券管理委员会、 纽约证券交易所、美国公司共电视台和多家美国公司支持。


This is the first book on investment management published in mainland China. It was adapted into a television series in 1995, produced by China Beijing Television, which Michael Tang hosted. The program received sponsorships from Aetna Life Insurance, Visa International, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and The Nasdaq Stock Market.

The book is recommended by the Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planners as a textbook for training CFP candidates. The foreword is written by Henry S. Tang, veteran investment banker and founder of Committee of 100.